1. Can you please tell me where i can see setting for M4A(Apple Lossless) formats output for music file, i see other format but not this. Thank You

  2. Have found many dupes in itunes, not through the app. The Scan continues to run for hours but nothing is showing up. If this does not work I’d like a refund.

  3. It is quite uncomfortable to edit tags single – song-by-song. Do you planing simultaneously tag editing (e.g. select all song and all info inserted in textfields will be overwritten on all selected songs)?

  4. Please add columns (original format, converted format) to the list, with the ability to choose which columns you want seen with a right click.

    Additionally, a suggestion for the option to “make output files organized,” when unchecked, I’d like for my files to not be organized at all, which includes the dated folder it is created in. When checked, it organizes in the format folder, then the dated folder.

    An option on the application to choose default folder or choose output folder would be very convenient.


  5. After importing tracks from an audio CD the program report an error:
    “Following file(s) load failed! .TOC.plist”
    What does this mean?

  6. After setting up around 60 .wma files to convert to .aac, the application seemed to work, but when I went to listen the new .aac files, there was nothing but half a second of silence! Am I doing something wrong?

  7. Hi, the app doesn’t start, just downloaded yesterday. I am using a 10.6.8 fully up to date Italian version, apparently I am not the only one that cannot use this app (feedback on Italian App Store).
    Is anything I can do in order to use it?

    Thank you.

    1. I, too, am using a fully updated version (American) of iOS on my MacBook Pro, and the app keeps crashing when I try to open it.

  8. Does your software convert music? Will it convert a “protected AAC” song to a unprotected mp3 song?
    If so how? I have tried it a few times with no success.
    It just creates an empty song (approx 7kb)
    Thanks for your help

    1. Dear customer,
      There are some formats can’t be setted to “mono”, because th outpu file will be damaged if you force to set the “mono”, Easy Music Converter is so clever that it avoids the operations which can lower the output quality. So some output formats is avoid the “mono” settings.

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