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2013-01-21 05:21:20 hummersoftware

Songs deDuper Pro helps quickly and efficiently eliminate similar or duplicate songs in your iTunes. There are only 3 simple steps to remove the duplicate songs, and It is totally compatible with iTunes 11;

Only 3 Simple steps to Remove the Duplicate tracks in your iTunes:
1. Scan duplicate songs – gather the duplicate tracks into Groups based on your choice of criteria;

2. Filter – automatically designate the single “Keeper” tracks in each duplicate Group using a variety of versatile filtering options;

3. Purge – purge duplicate tracks from iTunes and move the files to the trash;

Additional features:
● “Fuzzy” time matching
● Tracks search support
● Simple user interface
● Play or stop music
● case-sensitivity setting for scanning duplicate tracks
● Tracks sort (artist, album, name, play time, etc)
● Locate tracks in the finder and in the iTunes
● Sort tracks and view track info
● Visual progress feedback during operations
● keyboard shortcuts supported.

1.0.1 Updated Functions
-[FIXED] Scan the whole Library by default, to get more dups.
-[FIXED] Bug fixed for filter window is always keep on top.
-[FIXED] Other minor bugs fixed.
-[Optimization]Full Compatible with latest OS X EI Capitan (10.11.1)
-[Optimization]Full Compatible with latest iTunes (
-[Optimization]Add illustrate on the website, you can get more help from website by click help button on the top-right now.

If you have any problem you can contact me by 3 methods as follow:;
I will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!



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