Image Exif Editor 4.3.0

2013-01-23 05:23:43 hummersoftware

The BEST and EASIEST way to VIEW and EDIT image’s EXIF metadata.

Image Exif Editor was designed to present as many details about how a photo was taken in a clear and easy to understand format with powerful EXIF metadata editing capabilities. It’s the most powerful tool for handle the exif information in your favourite images.

New Version Added Main functions:
-[FUNTION] Batch copy filename to Title field.
-[FUNTION] Batch rename image files.
-[FUNTION] Batch search and replace exif information.
-[FUNTION] One click to clone image’s exif data.
-[FUNTION] Export Image’s exif data to .cvs or .exv.
-[IMPROVMENT] Update the latest image exif core engine.
-[IMPROVMENT] Other improvement for user suggestions.

1. The Easiest Way To Edit Exif Data
you do not need know more detail for change the image’s metadata, Image Exif Editor give you many visible pre-set value for choice, So you just chose one for edit; It’s so easy!

2. Batch Image Exif Data Edit Supported
Image Exif Editor support Batch images edit, you can apply one image’s modify to other, and you can batch modify or clear exif metadata

3. Visible GPS Geolocation And Camera Information Edit
you can see the place where your photo taken in a map, and you can easily drag a pin to change a new place for your photo taken.

4. Enhanced GPS Geolocation Edit
GPS Geolocation Edit is so common used, so Image Exif Editor enhanced GPS geolocation, you can search a palace and drag the pin to change to the destination, also you can input the latitude and
longitude value to re-locate your images. Other amazing features you can find when you use this function.

5. Batch Rename Files
Now, you can rename image files use the Exif data of the images, addition with other fantastic rename functions.

6. Export Exif Data
if you want to save the image’s exif data or share them to other, you can export the exif data of images with .cvs or .edu exif data formate.

7. Clone Exif data
you just need one click to clone an image’s exif data to other images. Cool!

8. Batch find and replace image’s exif data
the most convenient function for you just want to search all the exif data and replace some image’s exif data with other words.

9. Quick Search Allows You To Easily Find And Edit The Image’s Exif Metadata
you can quckly find the image you want to edit by typing the name to search in a large number of images;

10. Undo Redo Supported For Batch Edit
one more thing, you can redo edit when you change your mind to give up your edit, and you can clear all by click the clear all button in the batch operation area.

11. Easy to find edited field by different color and identify the edited image by image state icon.

12. Easy To Use User Interface

13. Support Most Image Formats

Type Exif mode IPTC mode XMP mode Comment mode MIME type
JPEG ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/jpeg
EXV ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/x-exv
CR2 ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/x-canon-cr2
CRW ReadWrite ReadWrite image/x-canon-crw
MRW Read Read Read image/x-minolta-mrw
TIFF ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/tiff
DNG ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/tiff (*)
NEF ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/x-nikon-nef
PEF ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/x-pentax-pef
ARW Read Read Read image/tiff (*)
RW2 Read Read Read image/x-panasonic-rw2
SR2 Read Read Read image/tiff (*)
SRW ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/x-samsung-srw
ORF ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/x-olympus-orf
PNG ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/png
PGF ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/pgf
RAF Read Read Read image/x-fuji-raf
EPS ReadWrite application/postscript
XMP ReadWrite application/rdf+xml
GIF image/gif
PSD ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/x-photoshop
TGA image/targa
BMP image/x-ms-bmp
JP2 ReadWrite ReadWrite ReadWrite image/jp2

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Image Exif Editor Read more... 2 comments
  • Here are the answers for your questions:
    1.can’t import TIF
    The stander file extension is TIFF, so TIF is not accepted, the next version will fix this problem, if it troubles you you can email me to get a new version for you temporarily.

    2.Can not set detail
    To make things easy, i just chosen some comm-used EXIF properties, to make them editable. The other EXIF field will be editable gradually with Image Exif Editor updated

  • santiago pantoja

    format supports 411?

    and it can convert to JPEG.

  • A. Sati


    I bought your product Image Exif Viewer version 3.3.0 (4865) photo exif file editor after I read in your add that it can help in editing exif file. Unfortunately, this app does nothing to me!! Yes, I could make editing but you guys have not tool to save the edited parts!! What is the use of call it Exif editor since you cannot safe any changes?? I thought may be there is some way that i couldn’t see to save my editing. Is there any way to save the changes or I was just spent money for nothing??? Your quick response will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    A. Sati

    • Dear customer,
      You can download the latest version from Mac App Store, and have a try the new version, and the new version have a lot of new functions and improvements, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

      Best Regards.

  • Ken Kilgor

    Is there a way to try your product first?

    • you can download from Mac App Store, if it not satisfy your need you can ask a refund from Apple. Enjoy it and feel free to email me if you have any questions at

  • Martin

    Will it work with DNG from hasselblad?

    • Image Exif Editor support DNG formate for read and write exif data, enjoy it and feel free to email me if you have any questions at

  • Billy

    I’m having trouble doing what I need to do. Are there specific directions to perform certain tasks? I’m trying to change the date on multiple photos at the same time, as I have thousands of photos that need to have dates added. PLEASE HELP!

    • I have send your a email to tell you that Image Exif Editor can perfectly finish you task, enjoy it and feel free to email me if you have any questions at

  • TS

    Batch edit (revert to actual created date & time) for first 2 images worked fine but subsequent images did not. Please help – I have a lot of work to do and need this to function.

  • Patrick

    Can you update ImageDescription, UserComment and other free text fields?

  • yuebaicn

    hello´╝îi just bought your app, this image exif editor is easy to use. but i want to know if this app support gpx files? so,i can import GPS information for photos ,in traveling. and can you add Chinese language ?

  • toddjensen

    Will Apple respect the exif data and keep changes to the file through exports/imports?

  • Bas


    Just bought the app and it looks promising.

    Can I also batch-change only the year part of the dates in the EXIF information? (in my case: year + 1)


    • Dear Customer,
      I will add this function in the next version, thanks for your suggestion.

  • Jeff

    Hi. I’m converting pictures from Lightroom to Mac Photos. I had used the “Description” exif field in Lightroom, but this is not displayed in Photos (which displays the Title field.

    Can I use your editor to batch convert thousands of files such that:

    IF there is text in the EXIF Description field, THEN copy that text into the EXIF Title field ELSE move on to next file.



  • Bela


    Does your editor support the XMP/GPano metadata section? If not, it would be important to add this feature, with all the new hype about Facebook introducing 360-degree panoramas.


  • W.H. Lin

    I used preset to modify lens data, but shooting date/time were also changed to preset date/time. How to keep original shooting data / time?

  • The ability to save chsges in RAF files

  • Program crashes every time i import a jpeg. Bought from app store mac running OS Sierra.

  • Roger

    Website states latest Version: 4.3.0 is latest. My App shows 4.5.2. Must be lucky

  • macglee

    If keyword key in Japanese or Chinese, there will be garbled