Easy Data Burn

The EASIEST and BEST Data Burn for your important Data.
Easy Data Burn helps you to create normal data CD/DVD with any kind of file or folder. You can record a data or audio discs quickly and easily by dragging the files (folders) you want onto the app and click Burn, Easy Data Burn then does the rest. It is compatible with the ISO9660 standard.
Friendly interface allows to perform the following operations

1. Many Filesystems Supported (HFS+, ISO9660, Joliet, UDF, HFS Standard / Joliet, Joliet 103 characters.

2.Erase CD’s

English, Czerch, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Portugues-Brazil, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish.

4. Easy to use (just one click of a mouse)

5.Easy to use with intuitive user interface with drag-drop feature.

6.Supports virtually all CD-R and CD-R/W drives.

7.Supports high speed writing.

mac store-available

3 thoughts on “Easy Data Burn

  1. I made a slide show using i photo. my computer os x 10.7.5 will not burn a dvd so I downloaded Easy data burn. I was able to burn it to a DVD-R and it plays on my computer but I want it to play on Dvd’s. i need them to for gifts and it won’t. any suggestions?

    1. Dear Customer,
      Easy Data Burn is designed to burn the pure important DATA to CD or DVD, so it just for save import data, but you need to burn a Video DVD, for burning the slide show you exporet from iPhoto, you need my next app named Easy DVD Creater to burn the video to the DVD as a DVD format, there are more complex to burn a video by DVD format, and I’m working hard to develop this app for burning DVD.

      I’m sorry for the function miss, I’ll send you my next app Easy DVD Creater when it released for free.

      Best Regards.

  2. Hi, I bought the app to create a mp3 Cd but after burning the cd with a lot of mp3 files, they don’t open in my mp3 radio. Should i choose something specific when burning?


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