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2014-10-10 00:59:45 hummersoftware

Is your desktop very disorderly? Are your downloaded files very miscellaneous? Are the external disk files of your computer put in a mess?….
Want a neat desktop? Want to put your download folders in a oderly classification? Want to get your other folder in apple-pie order?…

So try “Easy Folder Tidy” right now, all of these can be solved at one key, . What are you still waiting for? Download it as soon as possible…

##### Powerful document classification arrangement functions #####

The software has more than 10 default classification, covering almost all of the files, and more than 140 kinds of file type can be identified and classified.
You can also set custom classification, according to the different requirements and combinations to find the best classification as your demand.

##### The Intelligent classification of files #####

Files will be priority classified according to your customed sets, so that you can find out your most concerned files by only one step;
You can also choose neglect to elide any classification, to elide any classification you are no need of, faster and more efficiently;
You can also ignore the files you dont require, in order to avoid misoperation;
Through the Settings, you can also put the sorting documents in the same directory, all files can be classified by one step, more at ease;
Through the preview interface, Any file you want to sort can be previewed, so that you can get the files be clear at a glance, and then press the save button to finish, more safety.

##### Full compatible with the last Mac os x #####
Enhanced for the MacBook Pro with retina display.

More functions are expecting to be found…

Need help with our product or want to tell us what you think of our product? Please send emails to: support@hummersoftware.com and you will receive a reply within 24hours.


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